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How to extract only files without subfolders from an archive

You may find that when you decompress an archive containing files in each of whose separate subfolders, as shown below, the structure of the subfolders is preserved and the extracted files are organized in the same subfolders.

Sometimes, however, you may want to ignore the subfolders and extract all files in the archive and collect them in a single folder. Perform the following steps in such a case.

Use the feature "Find Files" of Bandizip

  1. Open an archive with Bandizip
  2. Press Ctrl+F to open the window "Find Files."
  3. Select files you want to extract.
  4. Click the button "Extract" or drag and drop the selected files to a destination folder.

Use the command line parameters

Use the command "e" as shown below.

Please visit the link below to learn more about how to use the command line parameters of Bandizip.

Help » Command Line Parameters