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v4.28 Sep 14, 2023

  • Usability improvements
  • - Added menu and hot key for moving selected frames by one frame.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that frame selection does not work properly in the left frame list when copied or moved.

v4.27 Sep 13, 2023

  • Usability improvements
  • - Increased maximum recording FPS limit from 100 to 300.
    - Added a button to return to the recording window on the results screen after saving in the save window
  • Updated to the latest version of the WebP library
  • - Security vulnerability fix (CVE-2023-4863 )
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that frame selection does not work properly in the left frame list when copied.

v4.26 Sep 4, 2023

  • Usability improvements
  • - You can move selected frames upward/downward by one frame in the Edit Window.
    - Added an option to save a new file in the folder of the current file or the destination folder.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Bug a bug that [Save as the initial state] does not work properly in v4.24 and v4.25 versions.
    - Fixed a bug that cause the program to crash if the language file or the skin file is not loaded properly.

v4.25 Aug 18, 2023

  • Bug fixes for some MKV files are not displayed properly.
  • Changed the default setting for the option to use MFPlayer when loading videos. Show Help
  • - If you experience abnormal program termination when loading videos, we recommend disabling the 'Use MFPlayer' option in Advanced Settings and trying again.

v4.24 Aug 17, 2023

  • Set the priority of worker threads lower when saving as a GIF.
  • - Since too high CPU utilization prevent other programs from responding properly, we need to set the priority of the worker threads lower when saving as a GIF.
  • Added no recording time limit option for MP4 Direct-save. Show Help.
  • - You can record without any time limit, up to the capacity allowed by your disk. Audio or voice will not be saved!
    - Selecting this option will automatically enable the frame disposal option in case of exceeding the memory capacity due to performance issues.
    - While the maximum recording time for Honeycam is limited to 3600 seconds (1 hour), there is no such restriction when using this option.
  • Support for opening MPEG .TS files
  • - It is now possible to open files saved in MPEG-2 TS format. However, since Honeycam uses the Windows built-in video decoder, it is not possible to open videos that cannot be played with the Windows video player.
  • Added support for reading Pixiv Ugoira format.
  • What is Ugoira?
  • Usability improvements
  • - Fix to not show change notification dialog on exit after you go back to initial state using undo (Ctrl+Z).
    - Added an option to set a background color for the progress bar in the Save dialog.
    - Added a settings page for the Crop tab.
    - Added an option to change the blackness of the outside of Cropping area.
    - Fixed to prevent screen saver and monitor from going to sleep during recording.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that two adjacent frames are selected when you click one frame in the Edit-tab.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the playback speed and frame counts to differ between captured and saved video when using Direct-save to MP4.
    - Fixed a bug that "Number of threads for parallel processing" is not applied properly (Settings > Advanced).